From the Fork to the Field

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers possesses NFL records, a Super Bowl ring and an MVP trophy. The 34 year old has his eye on a new milestone – sustainability.

To prolong his career, Rodgers has shifted his focus from the field to his fork. He says, “There’s always little tweaks, but the key for me is really that diet and trying to continue to be smart about what I’m eating and how it affects my performance, even in the offseason.”

Rodgers has shifted his focus from the field to his fork.

One “tweak” that Rodgers adopted was a dairy-free diet. We’ve been told that dairy “does a body good”, but the truth is that cheese can be surprisingly dangerous. A two ounce sandwich-sized serving of cheddar has as much saturated fat as eight slices of bacon!

The benefits of a dairy free diet include:

  1. Weight loss – Rodgers is at his lowest weight in ten years.
  2. Increased energy– Rodgers feels so good that he is convinced he can play well into his late 30s and even his 40s.
  3. Inflammation Reduction: Rodgers was initially motivated to remove dairy from his diet to reduce inflammation after having knee surgery.

It may seem ironic that the hero of the dairy state would make such a change. But, if there’s one thing Packer fans like more than cheese, it’s Super Bowls.

Rodgers wearing a cheesehead


Rodgers holds the Super Bowl trophy.

What foods are keeping you from living a life of sustainability?

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